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PEEHIP Hemophilia Drug Program

Effective February 1, 2019, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama implemented a program for members with hemophilia covered under Public Education Employee Health Insurance (PEEHIP). This program applies only to PEEHIP members with contract prefix EDU, group number 14000.

As part of this program:

  • Hemophilia factor replacement products will require prior authorization according to the policies listed under Final Hemophilia Drug Policies.
  • All hemophilia factor replacement products must be dispensed through Option Care Specialty Pharmacy only.
  • Prior to each dispense of hemophilia factor replacement products, a dose authorization will be required to ensure appropriate assay management, inventory management, and patient engagement is being provided. Option Care will work with members to complete the information required for this authorization.

Fax completed PEEHIP Prior Authorization Request Form for PEEHIP members only to 1-866-606-6021. Prescribers and Specialty Pharmacies should not use this form for members without contract prefix EDU to prevent delays in obtaining a PA.

Fax prescriptions for hemophilia factor replacement products to Option Care at 1-205-982-9408.

For general program information, call 1-401-344-1021.